• Type of Split: Wall Mounted
  • Capacity: 1
  • BEE Star Rating: 5
  • Noise Levels (Indoor): 24
  • Total Power Consumption: 1110

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Summary of LG LSA3MP5S

Star Rated Advantage(high COP) The more it cools, the more you save. Acknowledged by the bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), LG Star Rated AC's are low on energy consumption. The secret lies in the extra powerful highly efficient compressor that optimises every bit of power to maximize efficiency and cooling. The more the stars, the lesser will be its energy intake and the smaller will be your electricity bill. With an LG Star Rated AC, the stars are definitely in your favour! E-Saver mode Energy saving mode is an operation mode that consumes minimum energy while maintaining body comfort by applying Body Adaptation Time Algorithm (BATA) to Air Conditioners. Auto Cleaning No hassle of opening up the AC for cleaning. A main cause of Air Conditioner odors is lould and bacteria that breed in the heat exchanger. The Auto Clean function dries the wet heat exchanger to help prevent mould and bateria from breeding thus significantly reducing the old rag smell and saves you from frequent cleaning. Triple Filter Eleiminates chemical particles and other odours such as foot and smoke smell. The triple filter consists of three specialised filters to reduce the symptoms associated with various organic compounds including formaldehyde. It also has the ability to remove unpleasant odors creating a more comfortable environment. Virus & Allergy Safe Filter Dust floating in the air is sucked into the Air Conditioner and caught in the air filter. LG's newly developed allergy filter is a new advancement. This allergy filter has Subtilisin A enzyme which destroys house mites and allergen. Low Noise The innovative design of LG Air Conditioners along with Skew Fan Technology results in minimal noise. Jet Cool High speed cooling to get the lowest temperature in minutes. Instant relief in summers too. Selectable Auto Swing Direction of horizontal and vertical vanes can be adjusted. This function allows the Air Conditioner to cool specific areas much faster. Powerful Compressor Low on noise, high on energy efficiency along with better cooling, even at 54℃. Rotary compressor used in LG Air Conditioners have a reputation for low noise, high efficiency and reliability.



Power Requirement

General Features

Dimensions (Indoor)

Dimensions (Outdoor)

More Features

Other Features On Timer
-Off Timer
-Jet Cool
-Night Glow Buttons on Remote
-Blue Evaporator Fin Type
-Multi flow Condenser Fin Type
-3 Bend Evaporator Type
-Chaos Logic
-Auto Cleaning
-Virus & Allergy Safe Filter
-Low Noise
-Triple Filter
-E-Saver mode

After Sales Service

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