Types of Jars-Vacuum Cleaners

The types of jars available are: Spray Jar and Demothing vapouriser. You can attach the spray jar to the blower end and use it for watering the plants, painting and disinfecting the rooms. The demothing vapouriser can be attached at the blower end and can be used to mothproof your cupboards and prevent mildew. Mildew is a living organism that grows with warmth, humidity, and nutrients. Demothing vapouriser can also be used to freshen up the rooms. You can fill up the demothing vapouriser with napthalene balls and attach it at the blower end to keep out mildew or insert a perfumed cotton ball and freshen up your room. If you have a small garden in your balcony or in your house, you would find this attachment very useful. If you live near the sea, the demothing vapouriser is a useful attachment for you.