Types of Brushes-Vacuum Cleaners

The different types of brushes available are: Swivel Brush, Floor and Carpet Brush, Audio, Computer Brush, Video Brush, Radiator Brush and All Surface Cleaner. The audio, computer, video brush can be effectively used for cleaning audio systems, video systems and computer systems. The brush is designed in a way that it reaches the nooks and corners and enables effective cleaning. The radiator brush is used to clean the radiator grills, air conditioning ducts, window blinds and speakers. The floor and carpet brush is used for effectively cleaning the carpets. The Swivel brush can be effectively used for difficult corners and tiny gaps like wall corners, floor skirting, bookshelves and upholstery joints. The swivel brush has two surfaces- the Brush face and the Smooth face. The brush face can be used to clean wood, marble, tile etc. The all surface cleaner can be used to clean various surfaces like window sills, lampshades, speakers etc.