Type of Split-ACs (Split)

Split air conditioners are classified into Wall Mounted, Floor Mounted and Ceiling Mounted. Wall Mounted implies that the indoor unit is mounted on the wall. These air conditioners are mainly used for rooms where the ducts cannot be concealed, and is generally preferred for small rooms where the air can be cooled uniformly. Floor Mounted split air conditioners are placed on the floor and is also called as Tower or Vertical Split Air Conditioners. These are generally used when you do not have a wall to mount a wall mounted unit or when you cannot use a ceiling mounted split air conditioner. The Floor Mounted split air conditioners have a good air throw so that the entire room gets cooled uniformly. Ceiling Mounted are those, which are mounted on the ceiling. Ceiling Mounted Split Air Conditioners are also called as Cassette Type Split Air Conditioners. Since the ceiling mounted split air conditioner is sleek, these are generally placed in the centre of a hall especially if you want the cool air to come from the centre of the room and cool the room uniformly.