Whirlpool Whirlpool NEO IC305 FCGB4 (Wine Exotica) Category: Refrigerators Product #: 341332 3 stars, based on 1 reviews

Updated 10 Feb, 2016, 11:23 pm IST

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Whirlpool-NEO IC305 FCGB4 (Wine Exotica)

Whirlpool NEO IC305 FCGB4 (Wine Exotica)

Whirlpool NEO IC305 FCGB4 (Wine Exotica)


Capacity: 292 Litres

BEE Star Rating: 4

Defrosting Type: Frost Free

Material Used for Shelves: Toughened Glass


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Summary of Whirlpool NEO IC305 FCGB4 (Wine Exotica) 

Deep Freeze Technology: Deep Freeze Technology controls the Cold Air movement in the refrigerator. It increases the speed of cold air and Full Circulation of Cold Air. It results in up to 40% Faster Bottle Cooling* and up 50 %...  Read more

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General Features

Capacity  (Litres) 292
BEE Star Rating  4
Number of Doors  2
Door Type  Double
Defrosting Type  Frost Free

Refrigeratror Features

Freezer Features

More Features

Other Features  Quick Chill Bottle Zone
- Tower Cooling
- Flexi Cool
- Deep Freeze Technology
- 6th Sense Tower Cool

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